The Burning House Project – Te mit vinnél magaddal?

Mit vinnél magaddal, ha égne a házad és a számodra legkedvesebb néhány darabot kellene kiválasztanod? Foster Huntington fotóprojektje erre a kérdésre keresi a választ.

A praktikus, az értékes dolgokat választanánk, vagy inkább azokat, melyekhez fontos érzelmek kötnek? A válasz sokat elárul értékrendünkről, érdeklődésünkről, hátterükről és prioritásainkról. A fotók tulajdonképpen vizuális interjúként működnek, ahol a válaszadók a kiválasztott tárgyakat fotó formájában küldik el a blog szerkesztőjének.

Name: Bethany Marcial

Location: New York City

Occupation: Musician





  • Martin Guitar (this is one is special because my dad bought it for me on bleeker street years ago when I first moved here – most kids’ parents were buying them textbooks..this meant much more)
  • Vintage LL Bean wool hat
  • Hard Drive of all my photos
  • Vintage Wrangler Jeans
  • Necklace of collected charms I always wear including a gold chair and anchor, the state of michigan, two pistols, and three vintage sterling knives
  • My grandmother’s id bracelet from the 30’s
  • A coffee stained, dog eared, underlined copy of  G.K. Chesterton’s “Whats Wrong With the World”
  • Turquoise Squash Blossom Necklace
  • A knife and a tit like crustacean from you (housed usually in my exclusive treefort treasure box)
  • Minolta Maxxum 5 camera I bought when I was 16, un-fancy but never takes a bad picture
  • Vintage Blue Stripe Blouse
  • Worn to death Lace Up Frye Boots I’ve had nearly 10 years now



Name: Chris Adamiak
Age: 30
Location: Milton, Ontario Canada.
Occupation: Maintenance Worker




1. My Cats: Indy (left) and Scout.

2. My late 50’s Red wing work boots (size 13 is hard to come by!)

3. My paddle that’s been on almost a decade of canoe trips.

4. Engraved Zippo from My wife.

5. Custom James Mcgowan knife: I designed, he made into life.

6. Cyma Navystar watch from my Pop.

7. My wallet and contents

8. WWII U.S. Bayonet from my Late Uncle.

9. 1940’s Shell bag.

10. My first edition “Song of the paddle” signed by the late Bill Mason.

11.  1TB hard drive with 13 years of Music and pictures on it.



Name: Jennifer Maree Rouse
Age: 23 (Aries/Taurus)

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Occupation: Undiscovered


  • My cat amber *not shown
  • Nikon FE2 – My first and favorite SLR
  • My grandmother’s Pentax ME Super
  • iPhone – music / contacts / emergency computer
  • The negs Stash
  • Universal Waite tarot deck
  • 5mm crochet hook
  • Claddagn ring- The first piece of jewelery I bought myself
  • Giant solid brass key my brother gave me for my 21st birthday
  • Tardis earnings my partner made for me
  • The Chucks I lived in from 2005-2007 which is also the time period i spent with my best friend, Beth.

Name: Hannah Queen
Age: 20
Location: Blue Ridge, Georgia
Occupation: Photographer


  • basket of family photos, old and new
  • macbook
  • iphone
  • wallet
  • cast iron skillet
  • leather bracelet with mustard seed charm, which was my grandmothers
  • leather bracelet, a gift from my mom
  • l’occitane lavender hand cream
  • l’oreal voluminous million lashes
  • lancome teint idole ultra
  • letters & postcards from friends
  • favorite tea towel, which was a gift
  • the complete works of jane austen
  • blue ball jar, filled with river rocks. souvenirs from a perfect day.
  • minnetonka moccasins
  • favorite wooden spoon
  • two forks from old family silverware
  • twig spoon, a gift from a friend
  • not pictured, canon 5d mark II


Name: Mikael Kennedy
Age: 31
Location: Brooklyn, NY

Occupation: Photographer

Website: http://www.mikaelkennedy.com


  • Large Olive Green Filson Duffel
  • 6 boxes of my Polaroids (I only could fit 6 out of the 18 that are full, priorities include, edit for next show & Passport to Trespass book edits)
  • Workbook from ‘The Odysseus’ photo series
  • St. Christopher Necklace given to me by an old friend when he was done traveling and had settled down
  • Grandfathers Timex (still broken)
  • Small tin of dirt from the Santuario De Chimayo in Chimayo, NM
  • Black Polaroid SX70 Special Edition
  • Custom Polaroid case from Strawfoot Handmade
  • Two bricks of the last Polaroid 779 batches ever made (Expiration Date 09)
  • Wallet
  • Keys to my Chevy
  • Harddrive with latest backup from computer
  • iPhone
  • First edition of Johnny Dark’s ‘People I may know’ published by Little Bear Press

Name: Frances Shelley
Age: 25
Location: Austin, TX
Occupation: Project Assistant



  • Fancy helmet (because I just bought it) and Bridgestone RB-3, not pictured
  • Keys
  • Canon Rebel G + Canon 50mm f/1.4: Camera setup I learned to shoot on
  • Wallet: Poketo Arcade Fire Neon Bible limited edition
  • GoLite Jam Pack: to carry all this stuff with!
  • Library of diaries, started writing when I was 12
  • Kindle: to replace all books
  • Polaroids and Instax photos: irreplaceable
  • 11” Macbook Air: the only computer I’ll ever need
  • Snorri and Boyd (cats), not pictured

Name: Laura Pritchett (IG: @shepaints)


Location:Southern Delaware




  • The unglamorous but practical galoshes that I wear most often
  • A painting I am (almost) satisfied with
  • An irreplaceable blouse which has no tag and I have no idea who made it, but love
  • The wooden clothes hanger from my grandfather’s closet
  • The perfectly weathered belt I am rarely without
  • Candid shot of grandfather and his car
  • The last remnant of family plaid my grandmother brought back from Ireland
  • Keys from my childhood scavenging
  • 1957 edition of the Fanny Farmer Cookbook with my grandmother’s and mother’s recipe alterations handwritten in the margins
  • The bit I trained two horses with
  • Klein bag with my well broken in sable brushes
  • The hatchet my great grandfather used to build his house
  • The Ball jar that I keep all of my flash drives in
  • Family Bible
  • Moleskine journal I kept while traveling in Uganda
  • First fabric sample produced by with my design for Ugandan tailors
  • iPhone

Name:  Tim Robison

Age: 26

Location: North Carolina

Occupation: Creative Digital Director- University of North Carolina at Greensboro




  • My grandfathers camera.
  • My favorite shoes. So comfortable.
  • Some of my favorite bowls.
  • My Moleskine notebook.  Full of many sketches, ideas, and dates.
  • My favorite shirt.
  • A piece of driftwood I found and love.
  • My laptop. My iMac would be too hard to carry.
  • Two full hard drives with years worth of work and photos.
  • My most used kitchen pans. Al Clad Ltd2 fry pan. Le Creuset dutch oven
  • My keys.  They open and start a lot of things
  • My pencil bag.  Full of my best pens and pencils.
  • My Iphone.

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