Je Suis Belle’s 26 Women

Hungarian fashion design brand Je Suis Belle is inspired by women of the world: personalities, characters who are living an unusual life, who love to break out of everyday routine, doing so by their appearances, habits, behaviour and intellect.

Je Suis Belle’s ’17 spring-summer collection is presented by the 26 Women project:

“We asked 26 women, different characters to sit for a portrait in front of Andi Gáldi Vinkó’s camera and be our muse. Let us observe how our creations come lo life and gain new meaning through the interpretation of their personalities” – says Dalma Dévényi and Tibi Kiss designers of the brand.

Here comes the beautiful portrait series:

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Photo: Andi Gáldi Vinkó

Make-up: Natasa Kovalik Natasa &Laura Tégely 

Hair: Kinga Nosoli

Assistants: Kinga Lakat, Kitty Pásztor, Elliot Parker, Sári Kovács