Clever Fox’s Tales about the Universe

Róbert Farkas Hungarian freelance illustrator and animator has been fascinated by space since his childhood – no wonder he chose the nickname Astronaut for his artist profile. Aside from drawing he likes to spend his time with reading books about astrophysics, which influenced him in creating the trilogy of Clever Fox’s Tales about the Universe. Since his little girl, Fanni was born, he keeps on thinking how he’ll answer when Fanni is going to ask the question “Daddy, what are those million shiny spots up in the black sky?”


These books are created for 3-5 year old children and parents, who are fascinated by the wonders of our universe and the miracles of it. This series does not intend to teach, it aims to raise interest. Although the books cover topics which are considered to be difficult to understand, Róbert belives that incorporating them in stories in a playful way is far from impossible. The short dialogues of the main characters let kids discover the mysteries of physics – told in their own language.

The creators of the trilogy just started an Indiegogo campaign to support the project. We all know it’s pretty expensive to produce a book, therefore crowdfunding seems to be a great idea to make it happen, especially in case of a project which is so cute that it’s hard not to fall in love with immediately.

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“I need money. A lot. I want my books to be published in as many languages as possible to be able to bring it to every corner of the world. Good news is we can all do this together, if you pledge some money, for what I’ve put together some awesome perks from 3D-print figurines to hand-drawn illustrations” – says Róbert about the campaign.

Let’s help him together to make his dream come true! From a donation of $25 you will get a copy of the book, and above that you even receive a 3D printed figure of the characters of the story! Here you can join the campaign:

Pure love.