Clever Fox’s Tales about the Universe

Clever Fox’s tales is a series of books created by Róbert Farkas for 3-5 years old children and parents, who are fascinated by the wonders of our universe and the miracles of it.

Reproduced Paradise

The Sterling Gallery and Everybody Needs Art are pleased to present a group exhibition of Reproduced Paradise. The artwork on show reveals a thematic split: visual allusions to Paradise hinting at a once Heavenly state on the one hand.

Every Thing We Touch

Every Thing We Touch is a collection of peoples stories told trough the objects they touched in a single day around six continents and seven decades.

Nedill food design – Near Earth Asteroids

Zsuzsi Matók food designer has a very special, rather experimental approach to the world of edible objects. She creates special artworks made of food, where aesthetics seems to be something completely different from anything we have in mind about foot.